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Toyota prius repair manual

toyota prius repair manual

In the manual Chilton or Haynes Toyota repair manual you will find out how to.
These shop manuals repair cover everything from lubrication and maintenance to suspensions, transmissions, fuel systems and so much more.
Turn on the vehicles power (just press the power button).Discharged Auxiliary Battery edit, the 12 volt lead acid auxiliary battery, located underneath the cargo area near the right interior fender, is prius quite small and will discharge if the car isn't used for more than toyota a couple of months.Sufficient power from the donor vehicle is required to start the hybrid system, this toyota is far less toyota than a normal vehicle's starter motor would require.The fault codes are not generally cleared automatically; they are stored until reset manually with.The Motor Bookstore is a family-owned company specializing in DIY literature for motor vehicles.The fix then is simply to gain access, unbolt the antenna, clean the antenna and the area of the roof where it makes contact, smear some dielectric grease on the contact point to prevent corrosion in the future (petroleum jelly will suffice) and put.Radio - poor reception edit Poor reception on the Prius, including crackling, on both AM and FM is usually a grounding problem at the antenna end.Doing this will also wreck your miles per gallon record.It is charged automatically by energy reclaimed by the hybrid system when manual the vehicle is slowing down and by running the main engine when required.

The best manual way to charge the battery though, is to take sony the car for a drive, at least 20 minutes.
The Prius doesn't lend itself to home maintenance beyond the usual oil/coolant levels, tyres, etc.
EI sony - Engine Immobiliser.We also offer professional-grade Toyota game shop manuals from Bentley Publishers that ensure experienced, professional mechanics have access to the most thorough details and specs.Press the brake pedal at least eight times within five seconds.Fortunately this is an easy task.They need to be recalibrated before they will manual work properly again.The workshop manuals that we sell are written for people who like to maintain and repair manual their own game car or would like to learn how.The Diagnostic Trouble Codes edit.