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Pliosaurus macromerus vs megalodon

Both, Megalodon, a megalodon shark megalodon the size of a whale and Liopleurodon, a croc with flippers were both apex predators of their time.
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This impacted heated up the oceans, which formed Hypercanes, megalodon which damaged the environment.Hiu Ch 2 months ago.To continue publishing, please remove it or upload macromerus a different image.Unlike megalodon Megalodon, they hunted armored prey, like ammonites.Pliosaurus and was longer.In fact, they coexisted with the largest cephalopod (excluding Triassic Kraken of all megalodon time, Parapuzosia Seppenradenis, a 2 ton Cephalopod.So this could be a long painful fight.Mosasaurus came out on top most of the time, due to being much more faster.

For three way battles, we alert explain some facts instead of doing stats so yeah.
With no giant sharks, Baleen whales grew bigger than before and they evolved into the alert Blue Whale.
The largest specimen measured 18 meters and weighed 50 tons, around the same size as Megalodon.
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Mosasaurus: gaiman Mosasaurus was the largest member of the Mosasaur family.But what do you guys think?Remember, Megalodon could only attack these marine reptiles if alert their breathing, other then trainer that, its fish soup.Watch The alert Video And Make A Decision.Autor: Randy Rex TV, aufrufe: 8K m/en_US/video/020/ogmQcI1Q7mE megalodon is 60 feet long pred x is only 40 feet long.Victor de trainer alert Jesus 3 years ago, like,compartilhe e se inscreva!Things got worse as Great White Sharks and Orcas began to appear and compete with the massive shark.