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Avatar the last airbender book 2 episode 13

avatar the last airbender book 2 episode 13

After many failed attempts, airbender the episode general finally succeeds in triggering the avatar Avatar State by faking Katara's death.
The next morning, Pakku gives them parting gifts for their episode journey last to the book Earth Kingdom base, where they will be escorted to Omashu.
At sea, a Fire Nation ship carrying Princess Azula nears the Earth Kingdom.He finds himself in the Fire Nation Avatar Temple; as the doors to the inner sanctum open, the doppelganger appears within, splitting the floor and causing Aang to fall through the crack.First, last he serves Aang a special herbal tea which increases energy ten-fold in soldiers, but it only gives Aang an energy rush.When Zuko cuts his top-knot, part of the red cloth still book remains.Iroh is suspicious of the news, having never known the Fire Lord to be regretful of anything, and warns Zuko that things are never what they seem in their family.

Panicked, Aang believes that seishi he logo is avatar certainly not ready, explaining he was only able to do what he did because of the Avatar State, which he cannot enter willingly.
Sokka rides up to Fong and knocks him unconscious with his club, asking the remaining soldiers if they have any qualms about his actions.
Fong believes with such power, Aang is now ready to face the Fire Lord and end the Hundred Year War.It soon changes back to the original brown.Aang awakens no less terrified than before, matsukyu and, waking a sleeping Sokka, tells him that trying to force the Avatar State out of himself is a bad idea.Aang explains to Fong that he is done testing himself, expressing the belief that the Avatar State can only be triggered when he is in plus genuine danger.Lightning generation is first introduced, though lightning redirection was first suggested in " The Storm ".Realizing that he was having a nightmare, he quietly leaves the hammock in which he was sleeping, albeit not quietly enough to keep from waking Katara.In Aang's dream, while fighting Zuko, Aang is in the Avatar State, but toward the end of the dream, his tattoos and eyes episode are not glowing like they should.After showing Aang the earth army infirmary, housing all the soldiers who were hurt by the War.Fong organizes a ritual in which Aang wears clothing from all four nations airbender and is bathed in all four elements, but it only makes him sneeze.Zuko and Iroh, having escaped Azula's guards, stop to rest near a small creek.For the ability that can be invoked by the.Aang - Avatar the Last Airbender.Updated May 23, 2019.

The ship's captain, in a moment of absentmindedness, orders the crew to raise the anchors, as they are "taking the prisoners home." Iroh and Zuko do not miss the captain's slip, instantly realizing Azula's true intentions.
This happens avatar the last airbender book 2 episode 13 every time the camera zooms in or out.
Finding the statue of Monk Gyatso, he discovers that the statue has changed, having morphed into a doppelganger of himself in the Avatar State.