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Arma 2 multiplayer missions

I do not know any other way to arma create a spawn location so if you die you respawn at all.
Merged Dice buttons into 1 combolist.
Added : New revive option "Last stand players can't respawn but can be revived.
Fixed change class on GM would lose the open computer missions action.
Added a new button on the GM interface "Scale interface" to either scale the interface to the screen or use the game interface size.Clone missions function is now also cloning Weapons Loadout.Camera now display arma its position on the world.Added an arma emtpy selection at the end of missions the shoplist arma to "fix" a bug where sometime an item would be out of the scrollbar reach.Fixed : Killed GM now respawn correctly.

Added a filter in the Load multiplayer Save panel (All, Shop unlocks only, Spawn only, Building Only).
A link to all of those addons which are required can be found at the end of the page under the "required" section.
Improved group manager : Should now refresh more accurately when the player is changing group.
Modified the way "players markers" are created on GM side to try to improve their reliability over time.Improved Shop : Selected weapon on player list now display compatible mags items in the shop arma list.Fixed : unconscious player cannot throw things anymore.Added A3 parachute (Beta) item to fix the "Parachute a group" function now to work.New feature : Unit data, as mouse over on the mini map.Improved data loading time.Fixed marker for base and compositions not spawning correctly after one spawn -Fixed init field not working -Improved scripts performance -Added params to lock play side (player will lose control and is asked to change side) -Players are no referenced as user instead of joueur.Added a "R2D" spawn button, to allow randomized spawn in a position inside the brush.Improved : All tools should now work in 2D radius on mini map (easier multiplayer to manipulate flying vehicle or unit on roof with very small brush radius).Now filtering work is available for all type of listing in the GM interface -Shop update : the balance must now be set in the shop instead of the GM interface -Shop update : Shops are now specific to each side (items counts balance) and.Players should be less prone to spawn in water.Improved user teleportation function.